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Volume 24 / Number 2 / 2022




Important information for authors who have already published in the SJPH

RESP (Spanish Journal of Prison Health)

The digital version of the SJPH includes all the published contents, from the first issue (1998) to the present day.

They are fully presented in bilingual format (Spanish-English). However, only some articles have been translated in the older issues in accordance with criteria set by the Drafting Committee

Access to all the articles published in the Journal is free and does not require any kind of prior registration. Copyright of all published material belongs to the Journal.

Visiting users should avoid the ENTER and REGISTER options reserved for administration and management purposes.

The website is housed in the SANIPE.ES domain but can be accessed from any of the records that belong to the journal such as RESP.ES and the extensions of SANIPE: SANIPE.COM, SANIPE.ES, SANIPE.ORG and SANIPE.EU.

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